Six Blake Songs for soprano and ensemble by Willyn Whiting

Tuesday March 13th 2018

Concert starts at 8pm

Von Kuster Hall, Don Wright Faculty of Music, London, Ontario

Admission is free

May 24th 2018 | Western University | London, Ontario | Open Dress Rehearsal

May 25th 2018 | Array Space | Toronto, Ontario | 20$ Admission

May 27th 2018 | Café Résonance | Montréal, Quebec | 15$ Admission

A collaborative tour of Ensemble Atlantica and 3G percussion. This will be an evening of introspective and evocative sounds. From small percussion formations to operatic singing, EA and 3G will join together to present a concert of new music by emerging Canadian and International composers.

We accept cash and credit at the door only.

Our guests of 3G Percussion:
Sarek Gutierrez
Jacob Gutierrez
Zach Gutierrez

We hope to see you support young musicians and contemporary music!