Founded in 2015, Ensemble Atlantica is a contemporary chamber music ensemble currently based in central Canada, with its musicians residing in Toronto, London and Montréal. Seven high caliber musicians of diverse backgrounds form the ensemble and their unique instrumentation contributes to an evocative, nuanced and complex timbre.

As a young voice in the contemporary music scene, they are passionately dedicated to sharing new music to audiences and contributing to the landscape of the 21st century Canadian repertoire. The ensemble embraces, experiences, promotes and presents the work of emerging Canadian and international composers, creating a welcoming collaborative atmosphere for composers and performers alike. Their strength lies in intimate chamber performances in settings that range from concert halls to non-traditional music venues. Within a three-year span the ensemble has premiered twenty new works and will continue to build its repertoire.

Ensemble Atlantica has completed two Canadian tours in 2016 and 2017. They have participated in the 2017 edition of the Toronto Creative Music Lab workshop and have recently recorded their first album: Mnemonic Verses.